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10 Global Tech Trends Off the Mainstream Radar


I am often asked: ‘What are you watching now?’ This is a tougher question than it may seem, when one is watching hundreds of threads, in a larger number of pattern streams, with an overwhelming amount of detail. This week, I thought I’d boil down my current list to 10 and share them with our members


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Future in Review 2015

Join us for FiRe 2015, October 6-9, 2015, at the Stein Eriksen Lodge in Park City, Utah.

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What will soar and fail in tech and business in 2015

Mark Anderson’s 2015 Predictions

“No one does predictions like Mark Anderson, whose forecasts about the intersection of the economy and technology are closely followed in Silicon Valley.”

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The Sony Hack And Nortel’s Demise

Piracy Vs. Crown Jewel Theft

At Mark discusses the impact of cyber espionage on the tech industry:

“In the last few years, we’ve seen a continued exponential increase in cyber attacks, with different purposes in mind: … listening to military communications, stealing customer IDs, and taking the greatest secrets held by corporations & governments – their “crown jewel” secrets.”

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SNS Calls the Crash:
Peak Pricing, Not Peak Oil

The most important economic prediction
of the decade

“$50/bbl should do it. … And since this will change almost everything in global economics, it seems worth sharing… I don’t think oil is ever coming back.”

- 7/12/14, Mark Anderson, SNS Global Report

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SNS Connects: FiReStarters

The FiReStarters program is just one SNS Connection Hub, showcasing businesses with new and emerging technologies – nominated by trusted strategic investment SNS members – at SNS FiRe conferences & beyond. We believe these businesses are making strides in improving our world.

Technology and the Global Economy

19 Years Providing Weekly Foresight

The Strategic News Service® is the world’s most reliable source of advanced information at the intersection of technology and the global economy. Its publicly graded prediction rate in these areas is unmatched, and its success in pointing out critically important new strategic issues to global thought leaders – often in their own areas of expertise – is now well-established. This is why Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Paul Jacobs, Justin Rattner, Elon Musk, Bill Janeway, and many other global intellectual, policy, and business leaders have become SNS Members.

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SNS: 10 Global Tech Trends Off the Mainstream Radar

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  • What Surprises Dell Research Has in Its Five-Year Product Plan - eWeek

    Fri, 17 Apr 2015 09:36:43 -0700

    What Surprises Dell Research Has in Its Five-Year Product Plan
    CEO Michael Dell and other executives are now steering the company to be among the leaders in everything from cloud computing and big data to mobility, security and next-generation networking. Dell has steadily increased its R&D, spending more than $1 ...

  • The Environmentalists Civil War - National Review Online

    Fri, 17 Apr 2015 05:48:24 -0700

    National Review Online
    The Environmentalists Civil War
    National Review Online
    Toward that end, the 18 signers of the manifesto — a group that includes Breakthrough Institute founders Ted Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger, as well as Whole Earth Catalog founder Stewart Brand, and the University of Tasmania's Barry Brook ...

  • Cyon Research Corporation's COFES 2015 Begins in Scottsdale AZ - IT Business ...

    Fri, 17 Apr 2015 02:02:39 -0700

    Cyon Research Corporation's COFES 2015 Begins in Scottsdale AZ
    IT Business Net
    Fridays keynote speaker is scientist/inventor/futurist/bestselling author David Brin, who will discuss whats on the horizon for five years down the road. According to Brin, responsible companies and chief engineers must focus on the five year return on ...

    and more »

  • Brain-controlled drone shown off in the Hague - NL Times

    Fri, 17 Apr 2015 01:39:08 -0700

    NL Times
    Brain-controlled drone shown off in the Hague
    NL Times
    Vint Cerf, vice president of Google, was used as test subject. Sensors were taped to Cerf's head, which scanned his brain activity. Cerf was told to think about take off. This represented to the computer which brain activity accompanies take off. Then ...

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    6 Years Ago, Panelists on the SNS FiRe Conference’s “CTO Design Challenge” Worked on Long-Term Solutions to Drought in California (and the World) In keeping with the FiRe conference’s longtime focus not only on making accurate predictions about the future 3-5 years ahead in technology and the global economy, but also on being collaboration-, action-, […]

  • White House Executive Order Takes Strong Stance On Cyber Espionage

    Mon, 13 Apr 2015 16:02:06 +0000

    Executive Branch Commits to Serious Penalties for Crown-Jewel Intellectual Property Theft – Addresses Espionage Described by INVNT/IP (an SNS Initiative) As “National Emergency” The INVNT/IP Global Consortium, a Strategic News Service global initiative, has issued a strong public endorsement of President Barack Obama’s presidential order leveling sanctions against those who steal corporate trade secrets. It […]

  • SNS FiRe Conference Names Mojio a 2015 FiReStarter Company

    Mon, 30 Mar 2015 23:04:00 +0000

    Global Thought Leaders Converge to Work on Solving Some of the World’s Greatest Challenges in Real-Time Strategic News Service (SNS) is proud to announce that Mojio, the leading open platform for connecting cars, has been selected as a 2015 FiReStarter company to be featured at the 13th annual Future in Review (FiRe) conference. Described by […]

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