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SNS Subscriber Edition Volume 15, Issue 37 Week of September 17, 2012



Special Letter:

A Contract with the Ocean




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Special Letter:

A Contract

 with the Ocean


We Cannot Live

Without the Ocean

Ocean Acidification

What Can We Do?

Tidal Power

The Cascadia Subduction Zone

The High Cost of Mapping

Marine Spatial Planning


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By Don Pickering



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Publisher's Note: How many of the solutions we currently envision - and often enough give up, upon achieving - address only the land? For we land-dwellers, it isn't hard to forget that we came from the ocean, that the planet is mostly water, that we wouldn't survive a minute without the ocean's continuing role in our biology. 


This week, we have asked Don Pickering, CEO of startup OneOcean, to share his thoughts about the planet from an ocean perspective. When you're finished reading this week's Special Letter, I hope that each one of you thinks a bit more about the global, contiguous environment of the seas, and has that much better an understanding that we can't create a sustainable planetary life model without a healthy ocean. - mra.



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