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SNS Subscriber Edition Volume 16, Issue 18 Week of May 27, 2013



Special Letter:

Enabling the Smart Grid

with Massive Storage




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Special Letter:

Enabling the Smart Grid with Massive Storage

Alternative Energy:

Decentralized Grid

The Importance of Grid Storage

Financial Realities

of Grid-Scale Storage

What Does It Take to Make Grid-Scale Storage Work?

What Are Those "Other Pieces"?

Flow Batteries and Other

Grid-Scale Batteries

Conclusions, and Looking Forward

Zinc Air Product Technology

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By John Lowell



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Publisher's Note: People around the planet are getting nervous, if not outright scared.  Outside of Germany, there is little or no sign that the world's leaders have what it takes to resist short-term re-election jitters and the intense lobbying campaigns of those destroying the planet. These lobbyists for coal, oil, and natural gas may control the halls of power today, but if their bosses don't properly review "what business are we in" and come up with a new answer involving alternative energy and no more CO2 emissions, they will be perceived by following generations as perhaps the most destructive organizations of all time.


Solving this requires a new kind of "smart grid," and perhaps the greatest challenge we now face is not only the rapid deployment of alternative energy sources, but also a grid designed to provide storage and "firming" (see definition below) so that these new sources can work in a stable fashion as their share moves beyond 20%.


It turns out that, with the proper grid storage systems, revenues also rise for both the vendors and the utilities, without need for government subsidies or tax incentives.


Finally, these integrated systems are perfectly suited to emerging national economies, where we may soon expect to see the kind of leapfrogging typical of new technology, even as the more established countries wrestle with politics and spending issues.


I expect that SNS members interested in the requirement for an accelerated deployment of alternative energies will be cheered to see that there is, indeed, at least one technology and company prepared to provide scalable, safe, integrated, grid-scale energy storage for the smart grids of tomorrow, today. mra.




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