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SNS Subscriber Edition Volume 18, Issue 16 Week of April 27, 2015





From Finches to Hawking:

Giving Voice to the Brain's Whispers


- A Transcript from the PCI / SNS /

"Future in Review" Speaker Series -

with Dr. Philip Low

Chairman and CEO, NeuroVigil


Hosted by Sharon Anderson Morris, SNS Programs Director




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From Finches to Hawking:

Giving Voice

 to the Brain's Whispers


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Publisher's Note: In a world full of interesting people, Philip Low stands out. With expertise ranging from neuroscience to mathematics, physics, electronics, business, and - close to all of our hearts - the brains of killer whales and other animals, Philip has managed to craft a career for himself that melds these into great work, great products, and high-impact discoveries. His goal: to help everyone from Stephen Hawking to big-pharma test-animals in having better lives. 


In the SNS / FiRe + Park City Institute speaker series evening transcribed for this week's issue, Philip completely entranced the audience with his descriptions of creating the iBrain, how the brain works, and how he is working to help humans understand their proper place in the animal kingdom. I have no doubt that our members will find his ideas equally entrancing, particularly at a time when everyone from chip designers to software engineers is looking to the brain for inspiration on building the next computer architecture.  - mra.


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