David Schoenberger

CIO, CertainSafe

David Schoenberger is currently the CIO and director of Business Development of Secure Cloud Systems LLC Dba CertainSafe. In his early 20s, David started a company called Net.Results, which at the early inception of the World Wide Web provided Web development for companies wishing to market their services on websites. This was also when he began development of some of the earliest Web-based payment portals, allowing consumers and businesses to buy and sell online.

As a JD Edwards consultant, David developed a technical process that is still used today by every client utilizing JD Edwards software. This process was developed into a white paper authored by David for JDE tips in 2002. This white paper is still among the most downloaded white papers today. When David discontinued his consulting efforts with JD Edwards, he focused his efforts toward payment processing, check imaging, and data storage, security, and integration solutions.

In 2004/2005, David was a minority owner and vice president of Business and Strategic Development for EComm, a small private payment processing company. He successfully negotiated a multi-year contract with Intuit, supplying payment processing for its Real Estate Software division. He also successfully negotiated a software partnership with Microsoft's Small Business Accounting group, which was Microsoft's new software designed to directly compete against QuickBooks in the small business accounting arena. He was directly instrumental in the integration of check imaging solutions into this software.

David developed this solution along with Tim Reynolds, who was also employed at EComm at that time. David and Tim left EComm to build Guardian Payments, a payment processing company they built from the ground up. They developed the software, and David led the business development effort in his role as EVP and essentially CEO. Their "multi- platform integration adaptor" software proved to be unique and far superior to competitors', even in the commoditized, price-driven payment processing industry. David led the growth of Guardian Payments, rapidly winning business from small companies and Fortune 500 companies alike.

Now in his late 30s, David is married with five children. He graduated from Sterling College with a bachelor's degree with specialties in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

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