Sue Williams

Producer/Director, Ambrica Productions

Sue Williams formed Ambrica Productions in 1986 to produce documentaries of international scope and interest. Contemporary China, which features prominently in her most recent film, Death by Design, has always been a special focus for her. She wrote, produced, and directed the six-hour CHINA trilogy - China in Revolution, The Mao Years, and Born under the Red Flag - which explored the turbulent social and political history of 20th-century China. All aired as national specials on PBS to great critical acclaim and have been broadcast in over 25 countries.

China in the Red continued the story, with intimate portraits of 10 individuals filmed between 1998 and 2001 as they struggled to adapt to China's sweeping economic reforms. It premiered on PBS's Frontline series in 2003. The next year, Ambrica began Young & Restless in China and followed nine young people over four years as they began their careers. This also premiered on Frontline and continues to be one of the most frequently streamed programs on its website.

Sue also directed two highly praised biographies - Eleanor Roosevelt and Mary Pickford - for the PBS series American Experience.

Sue's films have appeared in festivals around the world and won numerous awards, including the Cine Golden Eagle, two International Film &Video Festival awards, Chris awards, and two Edgar Dale awards for Best Screenwriting.

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Speaker at FiRe 2015

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Two Books and Two Films on Hong Kong
Posted on 29 Aug 2020 at 5:14pm

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