Philip Vafiadis

Executive Chairman, Innovyz

Philip Vafiadis is a longtime serial entrepreneur who now commercializes technologies that will form the foundation of future industries, and processes that will define how we participate and collaborate.

Philip is the founding executive chairman of Innovyz and the Innovyz Institute and founding member and chairman of Musitec, a music- and creative-industries development cluster organization supporting creatives and related technologists alike. Musitec operates globally as an independent not-for-profit company, seeded with funding from the Government of South Australia. Philip is an advisory board member of and continues to steer his first business, VAF Research, which he founded at 17 years of age and which went on to create some of the best loudspeakers available, described by Rolling Stone Magazine as "the ultimate in high fidelity performance with the best bass in the world." Additionally, Philip founded or co-founded other innovation companies, including ZEN Energy Systems, which, during his time there, was recognized as one of Australia's fastest-growing companies.

With international relationships across multiple industries, deep passion and experience in the process of innovation, and willingness to "get his hands dirty," Philip is a sought-after strategic contributor. He has helped many companies, from startups to some of the largest companies on the planet, advising founders, leaders, and boards on product, technology, transition, future markets, and growth. Alongside these activities, Philip mentors a number of early-stage, high-growth companies, and is an active angel investor.

Along with helping establish more than 50 other companies and technologies, Philip has assisted to establish or grow:

  • The K-Tig welding process, which has been independently validated by GE and Bilfinger to weld thick metals 100 times faster and 93% cheaper than all other welding technologies. At this moment in time, when many nations are building new infrastructure, K-Tig will be important to the growth and economies of nations.
  • The Titomic KFT additive manufacturing process, which can print metals 60 to hundreds of times faster than the largest commercially available 3D printers on Earth today. The KFT process does not require lasers, beams, or high temperature, and bonds metals at what approximates a molecular level. The process has been tested to manufacture titanium 34% stronger than the best-quality forged titanium available today. Put simply, building things faster, better, and cheaper than all other manufacturing processes will transform the economics of existing manufactured products. Making metals 34% stronger means using 34% less material, resulting in 34% weight-saving. Removing 34% of the mass from things that fly, or are launched into space, will redefine the physics and economics of those industries.
  • Bluedot, which is delivering ultra-precise (10mm) location-based services from standard mobile devices with almost no drain on battery life. Many name-brand corporates have begun access to Bluedot technology.
  •, which uses powerful AI to match talent, has begun the process of IPO. Microsoft has a formal global agreement to present Gooroo to its 3 million Microsoft certified professionals around the world, and Gooroo is now partnered with five of the world's largest training providers.

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