Joseph Hopkins

Chief Operating Officer, Crown Sterling

A thought leader in the AI space, Joseph Hopkins serves at the helm of Crown Sterling, an innovative technology firm generating revolutionary cybersecurity advances for both the enterprise and consumer sectors. He has authored key patent applications concerning network security, identity verification, and content security, as well as network tracking / use verification.

Prior to his fintech involvement, Joseph served in key executive management operation roles for Fortune 500 companies, including Kaiser Permanente, 3M, GSK, Allergan, and KPMG. He possesses 20-plus years' experience directing corporate operations and management, including cold supply chain, strategic sourcing, procurement, contract, program management, and business development, largely within the healthcare and life sciences industries. A pragmatic decision-maker well-versed in both technology and on-the-ground logistics, Joseph brings strategic leadership and knowledge to ensure world-class development and implementation of operational excellence practices.

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