Sam Arditi

CEO, Tigo Energy

Sam Arditi, CEO of Tigo Energy, is a successful serial entrepreneur who served six years at Intel after the acquisition of the latest company he managed. Sam's most recent role at Intel was vice president and general manager for the Cellular and Handheld Group (CHG). With Sam's leadership, CHG gained strategic customers such as Research In Motion (RIM-BlackBerry), quadrupled its volume shipments, and reached revenues of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Sam personally led many of the strategic relationships established with customers such as Motorola, Samsung, LG, RIM, Palm, and more. In late 2006, CHG was sold to Marvell for $600 million. Sam led the transition of the team, staying with Marvell as senior vice president and general manager of CHG for about a year.

Prior to his CHG role, Sam was the head of Intel Capital investment and Business Development for the wireless group (about $2 billion in revenues). In this role, Sam led investments in domestic and international companies such as Jamdat, SiRF, Sasken, WisAir, BlueSoft, Jabber, SyChip, LGC, MontaVista, and more, creating a strong portfolio with significant return on investment.

Prior to joining Intel, Sam was CEO and co-founder for CTP Systems, a company specializing in satellite and wireless systems. The company merged with DSPC, and Sam was appointed as the general manager and chief operating officer of DSPC. With Sam's leadership, DSPC was acquired by Intel, setting the record as the largest-ever cash acquisition by Intel.

During his service at DSPC, Sam founded ComBox, a cable communications company, and served as the chairman of the board. In February 2000, Sam led the acquisition of ComBox by Terayon, a U.S. publicly traded company.

In 1995, Sam received the Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Foundation award from American administrations for the most successful deal between a U.S. and an Israeli company for that year.

Sam received his bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering from Ben Gurion University in Israel in 1986.

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