SNS Subscriber Edition • Volume 22, Issue 9 • Week of February 27, 2017


Flows and the Big Shift in Business Models

A Conversation with John Hagel and Paul Sallomi

Hosted by Ivy Estabrooke



"Flows and the Big Shift in Business Models"

A Conversation with
John Hagel and Paul Sallomi

Hosted by Ivy Estabrooke


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 This Week's Favorite Book:

China's Cyber Power

by Nigel Inkster (Routledge, 2016)

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Week of 2/27/2017    Vol. 22 Issue 9


Published by the International Institute for Strategic Studies simultaneously in the UK (Bell and Bain, Oxford) and the US and Canada (Routledge), this book examines the Internet and its power equations from the perspective of China. Moving from seeing the Net as a method for idea and population control, through espionage opportunities and military capacity, it ends with a section on international governance and China's push to gain power and control over the Net everywhere.

For those coming from the "free world," where the Net is considered an optimistic symbol of freedom of trade, speech, and ideas, this book will provide a well-documented and opposite view of how the Chinese Communist Party sees the Net as a vehicle for expanding its power in all of these ways. - mra.


Publisher's Note: For those members now aware of our discovery of the universal powers of Flow and Interaction, and their enumeration at many of the presentations at FiRe 2016, we are happy to share one of the key discussions on this subject in today's transcript.

From leaf shapes to seashells, from geology to biology, from the global economy to Wall Street investments, the twin drivers of Flow and Interactions appear not only to describe, but also to underpin, the world and how it works.

In this discussion, members will get a deeper dive, by two of the world's most accomplished experts on corporate business models, into how much flow matters and what it may mean to you and your company.

Corporate officers interested in learning more about this subject should contact us directly, as we are creating materials and new content to be made available to business leaders and others interested in using this new paradigm to increase efficiency and productivity in virtually all areas of endeavor. - mra.


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