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SNS FiReFilms:
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Created in 2012, after four years of screening an annual selected documentary to FiRe's world-changing audiences, FiReFilms is led by a Steering Committee comprising specially invited technology, film, and investment experts. These experts select potentially world-improving documentary films to introduce to the SNS/FiRe global community of C-level executives in technology, finance, and world press, helping filmmakers achieve their goals "from completion to distribution to solution." Read the full FiReFilms mission statement here.

The New FiReFilms Team

The FiReFilms Team, formed in 2013, unites SNS members who believe that documentary films are a powerful tool for world and social improvement, and who wish to be informed of and share unique benefits made possible by their relationship with SNS - including important inputs and personal, early access to cutting-edge people and events in documentary film.

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SNS members who would like to make a difference, including direct contact with today's most intriguing documentary filmmakers, and opportunities for special access to film-related events, will want to be members of the FiReFilms Team. This exclusive program is available only to SNS members.

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