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SNS Subscriber Edition Volume 14, Issue 4 Week of January 24, 2011



Special Letter:

The Reformers Are Leaving Our

Schools in the 20th Century




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The Reformers Are Leaving Our Schools in the 20th Century



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By Marc Prensky


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Publisher’s Note: For those who watched the U.S. State of the Union message from President Obama, there was perhaps one clear message that rose above all others: improving education in the United States. Various global and national tests and surveys released in the last few months, including the NAEP released this week, confirm every American parent’s worst fears: U.S. students now fall behind nearly all other developed-country (including China) students in science and math.


Among Obama’s suggestions were the hiring of 100k new teachers in science and engineering, and a concerted focus on improving education during his term.


I just happened to be scheduled to appear on BloombergTV the following morning, and I got a call from the producer asking if I would respond to some of these points on air. An hour before I went live, Reagan ex-budget director David Stockman (the person who first debunked the “trickle-down theory” of economics) was interviewed. He suggested that spending more on education was a bad idea.


In this week’s Special Letter, you’ll see that author Marc Prensky, a global expert on how children learn in the 21st Century, agrees. So do I.


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