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SNS Subscriber Edition Volume 14, Issue 28 Week of August 1, 2011



Special Letter:

Three Drivers of the Digital Classroom




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Special Letter:

Three Drivers of

the Digital Classroom


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The Elephants in the Classroom

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Publisher's Note: Technology and Education: two ideas that cannot be separated, and that have yet to be properly merged. In the firmament of veterans in this sector who have the combination of history and technical chops to properly assess our current situation, there are few as capable as SNS Member Frank Catalano.


We have been following Frank's thoughts and writing on the subject for many years, and decided that enough had transpired to ask him for a clear assessment of what has been achieved to date, what is left to do, and what lies in the way of doing it.


And, although cynics will appropriately suggest that it is the system itself that is in the way, Frank's comments about the age of the new teaching force will cause a slight flutter of hope to beat, even in the most scarred of hearts. He seems to be echoing the words of Thomas Kuhn in his famous paean to paradigm shifts in science: this isn't about changing minds; it's about waiting until the Old School dies away.


If that is where hope lies, I'll take it. Those who have been following SNS Project Inkwell know the number of years we have all spent on this project, and I am pleased to say that we are nearing a new Inkwell-driven initiative that flows directly from what you will read here. Suffice to say, times really have changed, and there is still hope that we may create the revolutionary educational system this new century demands of us.

- mra.



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