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SNS Subscriber Edition Volume 14, Issue 43 Week of November 14, 2011



Rewriting Economics:

It's All in the Flow




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Rewriting Economics


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 "[The] best description of the market chaos I've seen." Sarah Hart, past professor, Computer Arts, RISD and Rutgers University, NYC




The SNS Favorite Book Selection, just in time for Christmas: Adrift: Charting Our Course Back to a Great Nation, by William C. Harris and Steven C. Beschloss [which we would recommend even if one of the authors were not an SNS member. Ed.]



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» Rewriting Economics: It's All in the Flow


I am writing this just upon my return from a couple of weeks in Britain and Continental Europe, at a time that just so happens to be pivotal for the survival of the European Monetary Union, if not for the EU trading bloc altogether.


Since SNS members are well familiarized with my many predictions on the reasons for the failure of the EMU, I won't re-pave that road in this discussion. Rather, I'd like to share a series of thoughts that occurred to me this week as I listened to the European debate over debt and obligations, and watched Merkozy (as they're now called) kick two deserving politicos right out of their Greek and Italian offices.



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