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SNS Subscriber Edition Volume 15, Issue 3 Week of January 16, 2012



"How IP Drives the Global Economy":

A Conversation with

Robert Hormats and Mark Anderson




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How IP Drives the

Global Economy


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 "How Intellectual Property Drives the Global Economy"

A Centerpiece Conversation



Robert Hormats

 Under Secretary of State for Economic, Business and Agricultural Affairs


and host Mark Anderson

CEO, Strategic News Service


SNS Annual Predictions Dinner

December 8, 2011, Waldorf=Astoria Hotel, New York




Introduction: For several years, we have been working on understanding the details of how mercantilist economies in Japan, South Korea, and China have been modeled for asymmetric benefit vs. the developed, "inventing" economies of Europe and the U.S. More recently, our predictions of ramped-up cyber attacks by China, for the purpose of stealing Intellectual Property, have become news worldwide. As this was transpiring, SNS was busy assembling the first membership in a new group, the Intellectual Property Protection Alliance (IPPA), to counteract the illegal and forced transfer of IP. We believe this flow is a top contributor to reduced jobs, reduced Return on Investment, and reduced Return on Assets in affected companies and countries, and so must be addressed directly.


Our efforts to date, in addition to publishing ongoing discoveries of this IP transfer, have included creation of a two-day workshop in London last July, courtesy of Accenture the second member of the IPPA for selected global CIOs. Since then, Nuance and Google have also joined the group, and we expect to make a formal announcement of the original founding members, with a few more important names, in the weeks to come. We are also working with universities, research institutes, and government agencies on this challenge, and have thus far met with universal acceptance and appreciation. We believe the academic work in rewriting the theories behind the basic gearing of the global economy in IP terms will keep universities, researchers, writers, media, and economists busy for a generation to come.


Among the government agencies we have approached in this regard are the MI6 (U.K.), the Department of Defense (Australia), the Department of Homeland Security (U.S.), the White House, various U.S. senators, and the U.S. State Department. We intend to expand this work to include the G20, the FBI, the NSA, and the CIA, with a little help from our friends.


The following conversation took place recently with my good friend Robert Hormats. We are publishing it here because he provided an eloquent description of the problem, in a way which others will find both pragmatic and frightening. Bob's comments from that evening deserve a global audience, and I hope we will begin to provide that with this issue. mra.



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