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SNS Subscriber Edition Volume 15, Issue 15 Week of April 9, 2012




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Huawei, Part II


Foreign Intellectual Property:

Beg, Borrow, or Steal

Champions "Going Out,"

or Market Killers?

Global Market Effects

Other Countries,

and the Charm Offensive

The Problem with

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» Huawei, Part II


Last week, we offered the first part of a detailed look at what may be the most important company in the world - not solely because of its strategic positioning in core communications markets, nor because of its amazing growth story, but rather because it is the most successful representation of what the world may expect in the future of the Chinese national business model. Study Huawei carefully if you want to understand China's future. 


This week, we conclude our first-pass look at Huawei. By this, I mean that we have chosen, for reasons of necessity and timing (largely forced by the company's own efforts), to focus on the issues and background regarding Huawei's security risk profile.  Having done this, we may then be free, in the future, to return for a closer examination of the company's financial and technical performance. 


My goal in these two pieces is to provide the definitive analysis of this company to date. Regardless of the sector of global technology or economics involved, understanding this model will almost certainly be a part of one's future success or failure. - mra.



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