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SNS Subscriber Edition Volume 15, Issue 25 Week of June 25, 2012



Special Letter:

Caregiving at the Crossroads




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Special Letter:

Caregiving at the Crossroads


The Current Situation

Hidden Costs to Caregivers, and Their Effect on the System

Today's State of the Technology

Introducing "Beyond Telecare" - Technology-Enabled Independent Living

A Proven Case Study

Worth Replicating

The Critical Importance of a Holistic Technology Solution

Leveraging U.S. Healthcare Trends

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By Kian Saneii



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Publisher's Note: We often miss the simplest things, from out-of-control costs in higher education to the same (and its unintended consequences) in healthcare. In this issue, one of my favorite entrepreneurs, Kian Saneii, explains his own understanding of how to reduce costs and increase service value in our oldest U.S. demographic. You think this isn't important? It represents, from a cost perspective, the most expensive part of our national healthcare outlay. More important, from a more human perspective, this issue revolves around the ability of an aging population to remain at home, in place, rather than move to a devastatingly expensive senior home of one kind or another. 


All of us must come to terms with this issue; all of us have parents. And yet, almost nothing has been done to provide integrated services in the home. Please read this, and ask yourself, "How can I help Kian make this an integral part of the U.S. healthcare system?" mra.



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