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SNS Subscriber Edition Volume 15, Issue 27 Week of July 9, 2012



Device Battles, IP Wars




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Device Battles, IP Wars


Inventing the Computer Industry

Smartphones: Strategic Fulcrum

of the Computer Industry

Committing Strategic Hara-Kiri

Sidebar: Pirates and Trolls

Asia Moves In

Carriers: The Willing Accomplices

Device Battles Heat Up

The IP Wars


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Wall Computing Is Born at Last

A Very Dark Thought

About ExxonMobil

China and the EU: Subsidies for

Breakfast, Threats for Dinner


TakeOut Window


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Device Battles, IP Wars


Apple is a much more interesting company than most people realize. While the public remains fascinated with how cool its designs are, and the increasing cult appreciation surrounding founder Steve Jobs, almost no one is paying attention to Apple's - and Jobs' - pioneering battle with Asian manufacturers.


Let's first set the stage properly.



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