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SNS Subscriber Edition Volume 16, Issue 1 Week of January 7, 2013



The Globalization Issue:  

Labor vs. Intellectual Property




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The Globalization Issue: Labor vs. Intellectual Property


The Declining Importance

of Cheap Labor

Commodity and Energy Costs

Pro-Business Political Systems, Trade, and Industrial Policies

Company vs. Country

Top-Down vs.

Democratic Economies

Reverse Globalization and Merc II: Offshore Companies Onshoring


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Whales vs. Ranchers

UK Sees the Graphene Vision


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SNS Book Selection:

How to Create a Mind: The Secret of Human Thought Revealed, by Ray Kurzweil (Viking, 2012).


What is apparently new to Ray is decades-old news to SNS members: pattern-matching is the critical skillset in understanding the world around us. Ray brings an interesting anatomical view to this SNS paradigm. - mra.





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The Globalization Issue:

        Labor vs. Intellectual Property


Apple got caught in several misstatements over the last year, as it tried to defend its supply chain practices - specifically, the use of "Foxconn" (Hon Hai Precision) as a major producer of its products, at a time when Foxconn workers were throwing themselves off the roofs because of poor labor practices in China.



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