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SNS Subscriber Edition Volume 16, Issue 6 Week of February 11, 2013



The Most Important Chip Not Yet Invented




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The Most Important Chip Not Yet Invented


Reducing the Instruction Set


The Importance of Patterns

Be the Pattern

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Find the Element

Patterns in Space

Patterns in Time



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Lenovo Put SNS' "Wall Computing" on the Table


Takeout Window


A Prototypical Digital Signal Processor Chip

Solar Canals: Implementing a FiRe CTO Design Challenge




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  "...We have had a different speaker every week for eight years, but this week was the best. Mark is a master --- I feel like I've been listening to one of the Greek philosophers." - Mervyn Lakin, founder of the WiseGuise Group in Arizona, after Mark Anderson's talk on "Flow Economics and How IP Drives the Global Economy."




SNS Book Selection:


Captive Audience: The Telecom Industry and Monopoly Power in the Gilded New Age; by Susan P. Crawford J.D. (Yale University Press, 2012).








The Most Important Chip Not Yet Invented


For my friends at Qualcomm, Intel, ARM, and Texas Instruments, and their colleagues at chip companies Freescale, XMOS, CEVA, AD, NXP, and CSR.



Reducing the Instruction Set


Imagine a blank touchscreen. You draw an irregular line across it, from edge to edge. Then you turn over the 5-minute sand clock next to you. Your life depends upon finding the area under that line.



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