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SNS Subscriber Edition Volume 16, Issue 7 Week of February 18, 2013



"International Challenges

to Innovation Protection"

A Conversation with

Sir Richard Dearlove




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International Challenges to Innovation Protection


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Introduction and Publisher's Note:


This week, Mandiant Corp., a well-respected security firm with a long history in defense-related work, announced that it had integrated the information of "hundreds of investigations" to allow a positive attribution regarding the Chinese People's Liberation Army attacking commercial and government cyber targets in the US and UK. This was the first provable, public announcement of something we've been sharing with SNS members for many years now.


I expect that the effects of Mandiant's work and announcement will be pivotal in bringing CEOs to a new level of acceptance that their country, and their companies, are under constant and direct attack by military-grade teams. The goals of these state-sponsored teams is to obtain corporate Intellectual Property and sell it at subsidized prices in global markets in direct competition with the inventing companies and nations.


Last December 6, we were honored to have Sir Richard Dearlove join us for our Annual Predictions Dinner at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Sir Richard is best known for his years of service as the chief of the British SIS, also known as MI6. He is well-versed in the history and tactics of China's many and ongoing attempts to steal Western trade secrets and related IP.


I believe that everyone needs to hear Sir Richard's thoughts and cautionary comments on this subject, and the recent Mandiant announcements simply underline the importance that every corporation now take real steps to stop this unbelievable and unsustainable level of IP loss. mra.



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