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SNS Subscriber Edition Volume 16, Issue 13 Week of April 1, 2013



Six Smartphone Killer Apps




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Six Smartphone Killer Apps


Wireless Micro Maps

The Self-Contained Locator

Mesh Networks

The Quantified Self

The Internet Assistant III:

Meta Biometrics

Food Knowledge


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The Real Problem with North Korea

Another Invisible-Cloak Breakthrough


Takeout Window


Smartphone Night Goggles?

Graphene Loudspeakers, Earphones, Microphones



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Join Patrick Hogan - creator of the most information-capable browser ever built, and the head of NASA World Wind - to learn about how communities in the US and EU benefit from local and global data shared in a new, common geographical interface. And much more ... all at FiRe 2013, May 21-24, at the Montage Laguna Beach Hotel:



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Six Smartphone Killer Apps


Last week I made the case that the smartphone OS was the (pre-global warming) waterfront real estate of the technology asset business.



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