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SNS Subscriber Edition Volume 16, Issue 31 Week of August 26, 2013



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India's Challenges




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Special Letter:

India's Challenges

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By Rafiq Dossani





Publisher's Note: The world economy is in a very strange place today, with national economics the result of powerful, and at times conflicting, pressures. The ongoing Currency Wars first noted here have created artificial lending rates and inflationary pressures everywhere. So-called Quantitative Easing (central banks printing huge amounts of fiat money) has created false temporary lifts in turn around the globe, with Japan's Abenomics just the most ridiculous and most recent example.


An offshoot of this irresponsible fiscal behavior has been a flood of "hot money" trading in global markets, as total liquidity rises to dangerous new levels. With bankers trained to watch for the opposite, there are no alarms going off on the problem - just as there were none in 2007.


In turn, we've seen bubbles showing up all over again in global markets; no surprise there.


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