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SNS Subscriber Edition Volume 16, Issue 33 Week of September 16, 2013



Asia Letter, Q4 2013:

Abenomics Update




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Asia Letter, Q4 2013

Abenomics Update


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By Scott Foster, SNS Asia Editor [Tokyo]

      with Jonathan Epstein





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Publisher's Note: Most smart international observers have been puzzled by Japan's economic behavior over the last few decades. The country was supposed to be in recession, but didn't really seem to be. Now, with the advent of Abenomics, the economic hoi polloi are mostly praising the results of increased spending, without being too critical of how it works in the long run.


True enough, as Scott Foster points out in this quarter's Asia Letter, it's hard to be critical when all short-term metrics are up. On the other hand, there is always the long term.



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