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SNS Subscriber Edition Volume 16, Issue 36 Week of October 6, 2013



Special Letter:

Big Data Strategy and Insights




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Special Letter:

Big Data Strategy

and Insights

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Introduction and Publisher's Note:


Everyone talks about Big Data these days, but this is almost always a conversation about what it is, how to mine it, how to make more money from it, and how to get even more data into the mix. Rarely do we get a chance to hear from two experts who spend their lives talking to global C-level executives in the largest firms in the world - the ones who really are mining this data - about the more interesting and nuanced issues around Big Data. Are there pitfalls in its use? Who will be in control? What are the privacy and power issues, inside and outside the corporation or government agency that owns this stuff? Is ownership itself at risk, and if so, what happens when it slips? Does it matter? Is the metadata, as we've recently been told by NSA's Gen. Alexander, more valuable than the data?  


In this week's Special Letter, Editor-in-Chief Sally Anderson has re-created an opening conversation from this year's Future in Review Conference between Deloitte's John Hagel and Eric Openshaw, two good friends who just might be the most qualified in the world to address these subjects. This is now the world that all of us live in, whether we own that data or not. And here is what they had to say. - mra.



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