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SNS Subscriber Edition Volume 16, Issue 37 Week of October 14, 2013



Special Letter:

Breakthroughs in Preventing

Stroke and Heart Attack




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Special Letter:

Breakthroughs in Preventing Stroke and Heart Attack

Impacts of Atrial Fibrillation

Reproducability Across the World - The Clinical Study


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Publisher's Note:


Normally when we publish a Special Letter, we have selected it because we think our members will find it useful in their corporate or investment planning. This week, given our membership demographic, it may also save lives.


When I am asked about the difference between FiRe and TED, I often say, "TED is where you should go if you want to know what it's like to have a stroke. FiRe is where you should go to learn how to prevent a stroke."  This is because one of TED's most famous presentations was on experiencing a stroke, and one of FiRe's award-winning presentations was on a ground-breaking new prevention measure.


Those who attended FiRe 2013 are already familiar with Dr. Nassir Marrouche, who spoke there with his brother and fellow entrepreneur, Karim, on the topic of a new smartphone app for recording and transmitting remote electrocardiograms. While Karim's handset kit is really amazing technology, perhaps the most amazing part of all is the science and technology that Nassir has developed over the last few years, revolutionizing our understanding of heart attack and stroke indicators and causes.


In this issue, Nassir explains his discoveries, conducted at the University of Utah with our new alliance partners at the Scientific Computing Institute (SCI). His work is not only inspiring, it also helps illustrate the value of reaching out to neighboring technological silos in order to create an integrated whole which even those doing the work considered impossible. 


I think all our members will find Nassir's amazing account of making critical new discoveries to be worth reading. Now, all he has to do is scale it. - mra.



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