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SNS Subscriber Edition Volume 16, Issue 42 Week of November 18, 2013




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MALT: A New Killer Category

Micromapping and Advertising: Love and Marriage



MALT: The New Killer Category


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China Threatens the World

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We Warned You, John

The Kennedy Assassination Demystified


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Recent Figures on Chinese Fraud

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Magnets vs. Transistors

Japan: The Whale Meat Business in Color (Research Not)




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   Our selected must read article for the week, for anyone interested in technology and the global economy:




This piece perfectly describes the contradiction between the press mania over Snowden and NSA snooping vs. the continued ramping of nation-sponsored IP theft by China, examining the economic consequences of media distraction.




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"I come to this dinner because it is one of the most provocative and interesting things I do, and --- on an event level, the most interesting thing I look forward to every year. It always expands the mind. And so I'm here to grow and learn and share and absorb, and being a little bit better practitioner because I participated." Eric Openshaw, Vice Chairman and Leader, US Technology, Media and Telecommunications Group, Deloitte; at the 2012 SNS Annual Predictions Dinner in New York.


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"We try to get to the Predictions Dinner whenever we can. The thing I like about Mark's predictions is he is prepared to go back and say, Did he get it right last year? seeing what his score was on the things he talked about last year and putting that in context where it's going in the next year and the conversations, and the people you get to talk to. --- I always say Mark Anderson has perhaps the best address book I know of." Mary Branscombe, Technology Journalist, London.


"[To understand] what's going to be happening next year seeing what the agenda is. As a journalist, I'm looking for things I need to be writing about for the next year, and this is one of the things that sets my agenda, lets me understand what I'm going to be looking at." Simon Bisson, Technology Journalist, London.


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MALT: A New Killer Category


I love surprises.  But I also know that the opposite is true for technology and finance executives. There is an entirely new category of wireless smartphone applications about to be launched, with the potential of making staggering amounts of money. The entrenched players will fight tooth and nail, and the international stakes for money and power are enormous. The technology would appear to have been virtually all finished, and the initial rollout is done.


Yet no one has heard about it. Surprise!


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