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SNS Subscriber Edition Volume 16, Issue 45 Week of December 15, 2013



The Future of Bitcoin




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The Future of Bitcoin


Benefits of a Digital Currency

Dangers of a Digital Currency

The Country View:
What Is a Currency For?

The Valley Goes Bitcoin


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Diagram of a Bitcoin Transaction




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"Mark is a rock star. He's a genius who can explain complex things in bits and bytes that anyone can understand." - Teri Orr, Executive Director, Park City Institute; after Mark's opening talk last week in the PCI/SNS "Future in Review" Speaker Series. (See "Upcoming SNS Events.")


"Mark is the smartest person on the planet. I travel all over the world, and it's not unusual to find someone who is brilliant in a single field; but to be that smart in all of these fields - that's unheard of." - Dr. Nassir Marrouche, Executive Director, CARMA, University of Utah.



Reading Selection:


The Bite in the Apple: A Memoir of My Life with Steve Jobs; by Chrisann Brennan (St. Martin's Press, October 2013).


For those who are interested in the young Jobs - what he was like and what influences may have helped to create the greatest product creator of all time. - mra.




We would like to wish all of our SNS members a peaceful and rewarding holiday season, and the best of years to come.


As is our annual practice, we will next publish the week of January 6.


We look forward to successfully navigating the mountain peaks and hidden shoals of the coming year together, and we thank you for your membership and support. - mra.




The Future of Bitcoin


If you've never heard of Satoshi Nakamoto, that's no excuse, even if the likelihood of his existence is close to zero. There is an exponentially growing crowd of investors in the Bitcoin system who hope - and perhaps believe - that this digital currency will prove more substantial than the pseudonymous name of its inventor.



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