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SNS Subscriber Edition Volume 17, Issue 3 Week of January 20, 2014



E-Commerce in Crisis




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E-Commerce in Crisis

The Inflation of Credit Card Theft

Wired South Korea

Chips: So Yesterday

Spying vs. Stealing



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China Banks:

The Plumbing Backs Up


Takeout Window

CarryAlongs Carry the Quarter, and Amazon Owns Christmas

Falling Indebtedness: Largely Due to Defaults, Not Repayment

South Korean Officials Resign After Credit Card Hack




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The Crash of 2016: The Plot to Destroy America - and What We Can Do to Stop It, by Thom Hartmann (Twelve; Nov. 12, 2013).


For those who think that corporations are playing an outsized role in governing. mra.







E-Commerce in Crisis



A funny thing happened on the path to putting all business and banking online: the same access that makes it attractive to E-Commerce vendors and customers makes it even more attractive to thieves. We're approaching a moment when the question of which group shares more risk, and which benefits most, is flipping.


The thieves are winning.


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