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 SNS Subscriber Edition Volume 17, Issue 9 Week of March 3, 2014 



The New INSecurity





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The New INSecurity and INVNT/IP

Soundproofed Rooms,
Secret Conversations

Modern Threats

The Age of INSecurity

Ranking Thief Nations

A World of Proxie?

Solving the Problem(s)

The Barnacle Theory

Inventing INVNT/IP


Quotes of the Week



Bitcoins: SNS Members
Getting Out Whole

Move Over, Siri?
Here Comes Cortana

The New IBM Grapene Chip

Ohhh, You Did It for the Money


Takeout Window

Abenomics: The End
of the Sugar High




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We would like to congratulate Microsoft on its new SNS site license, and to welcome all of our new Microsoft members who in the course of one short week have set a record for the number of subscribers from a single company.


If your company does not yet have an SNS site license, perhaps you should take "the New Microsoft's" example. mra




Curious About Protecting Crown Jewel IP, How it Drives the World Economy, and the INVNT/IP Global Consortium?


All interested SNS Members are invited to join Calit2 Director and INVNT/IP Advisory Board Member Larry Smarr and a great lineup of experts (and me) on March 13 for an afternoon conference and evening reception at the Qualcomm Institute on the University of California at San Diego campus:



To see the Agenda, and to register, please go to:





The New INSecurity and INVNT/IP


As CEO of the new INVNT/IP Consortium, I was in Washington, DC, for a week, visiting Cabinet-level officials to bring them a new message: the nation-sponsored cyber attacks on US corporations are not the result of a purely military plan, but of a new national business model. The perpetrators aren't stealing military secrets alone, but rather have expanded to stealing commercial crown jewel intellectual property. The challenge has moved from beefing up security for some future military attack to not losing commercial advantage in real time.


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