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 SNS Subscriber Edition Volume 17, Issue 15 Week of April 14, 2014 



Special Letter:

The Internet of Things

Is Really

the Internet of People



            by Mark Hurd



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Mark Hurd


Award-winning business leader and President of ORACLE CORP.


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- May 20-23 -


 Laguna Beach, CA



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Special Letter:

The Internet of Things

Is Really

the Internet of People

Great Technological Vision and Innovation Won't Be Enough

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New-Wave Jobs Look Like?

What the CEO Needs to Do

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 Including: Roger Payne, Ocean Alliance; Philip Low, NeuroVigil; Michael Dell, Dell Inc.; Catherine Jhung, Cleantech Group; Leroy Hood, Institute for Systems Biology;  Neal Stephenson, Author; Barry Briggs, Microsoft; Ken Goldman, Yahoo; Ed Butler, the BBC; Vint Cerf, Google; Michael Rossato-Bennett, Director, Alive Inside; Larry Smarr, Calit2/Qualcomm.......



Publisher's Note: Mark Hurd has already proved that he can run the largest technology companies in the world, and make money doing it. Given his combined experiences at Oracle, Hewlett-Packard, and NCR, I would guess there are few-to-none others with the combined operating experience Mark brings to the job every morning.


Having said this, I think our members will find this week's issue doubly important, as Mark goes beyond the Big Data discussions we've all read to an on-the-ground series of examples of what the new Internet of Things will mean in real business settings, and - most interesting of all - handled by real people.


Too often these days we find ourselves reading breathless futuristic descriptions of the IoT, without business pragmatism or any human anchoring to create a real sense of what the challenges and opportunities will be inside this new world, how people will manage them, and exactly what kind of people will be needed to do it.


There is no doubt we will be following this technology - and human - road map. But there remains a lot of difficulty, I think, in understanding how best to approach the experience. I expect members will find that Mark has brought us all a much-needed guide, as useful as it is fascinating. - mra.




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