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 SNS Subscriber Edition Volume 17, Issue 18 Week of May 5, 2014 



The Real Security Problem:




"FiRe is among the most stimulating events of my year. The opportunities for new idea discovery seem endless."


- Vint Cerf, Google Vice President

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Who's Coming to FiRe 2014?


Jessica Richman


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using Big Data and crowdsourcing to analyze

The Human Microbiome


May 20-23

Montage Laguna Beach, CA


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The Real Security Problem: People

Bad News, Good News

The Target Effect: Another

NSA-Like Turning Point?

Citizens and Governments

Separating Privacy from Theft:

The EU's Challenge

A Different Reality


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Tesla Shares: Kimbal Musk

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 And many more, including: Gary Shapiro, CEA/CES; Mark Hurd, Oracle; Author Neal Stephenson; Michael Dell, Dell Inc.; Ken Goldman, Yahoo!; Jon Myers, Graphene Technologies; Geralyn Dreyfous, Impact Partners Film Fund; Tom Taylor, Verizon; Leroy Hood, Institute for Systems Biology; Chris Lewicki, Planetary Resources;  Barry Briggs, Microsoft; Vint Cerf, Google; Hugh Bradlow, Telstra; Marty Tenenbaum, Cancer Commons; Philip Low, NeuroVigil; Kevin Montgomery, ..............


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The Real Security Problem: People


The collapse of the old-style security firms that we predicted a few months ago is now well under way, with the largest of these talking publicly about the demise of their own model (see "Quotes of the Week"). The CEO of Target has been fired in the very first modern case of a corporate chief getting the axe over a security lapse. New bugs such as Heartbleed are so embedded in our systems that it will take years (if at all) to remove them, while we hasten the buildout of an extended Internet of Things with little or no security.


Someone, please, stop the train.


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