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 SNS Subscriber Edition Volume 17, Issue 19 Week of May 12, 2014 



Special Letter:

Decoding DNA:

The Other 97%, in Real Time




          by Edward Arvisais



Who's Coming to FiRe 2014?


Chris Lewicki

first pioneer in

Space Mining

President &


Planetary Resources



  May 20-23

    Montage Laguna Beach, CA


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And many more, including: Mark Hurd, Oracle; Michael Dell, Dell Inc.; Author Neal Stephenson; Gary Shapiro,CEA/CES; Ken Goldman, Yahoo!; Jon Myers, Graphene Technologies; Geralyn Dreyfous, Impact Partners Film Fund; Leroy Hood, Institute for Systems Biology; Tom Taylor,Verizon; Vint Cerf, Google; Hugh Bradlow, Telstra; Barry Briggs, Microsoft; Marty Tenenbaum, Cancer Commons


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Special Letter


Decoding DNA: The Other 97%, in Real Time



The Historic Standard

The Four Bases of DNA

"Transcription" and "Translation": Reading DNA and RNA


Genomics, Non-Coding Portions,
and Cancer

The Influence, and Limitations,
of Sanger Sequencing

Current Limits

A Bacteria-Derived Polymerase:

"A Puzzle in Which
All Pieces Are Square"

The Importance of the

Non-Coding Protein Region

Enter Exonucleases

Adaptation to Direct
Sequencing of RNA

Looking Beyond the Exome

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Publisher's Note:


This week's issue is an absolute Must Read for anyone interested in the future of genetics, healthcare, biomedicine, and related issues. If you need to understand how DNA works, and - more important from a pragmatic perspective - how our current techniques fail to reveal real DNA sequences, and how to fix the problem, read on.


SNS members are aware that we long ago warned about the use of the term "junk" DNA: nature, in its evolutionary cloak, abhors not only a vacuum, but also any waste in energy or structure. This week's issue will help members understand why all base pairs should be considered to have been conserved for a purpose, and how important it is to read them - and How to read them.


We are now leaving the first- and second- generation worlds of genetic decoding, when we all picked the low-hanging fruit and just ignored the rest. Thanks to companies like NorthShore Bio, a company we are proud to have as a FiReStarter Company this year, we are now going to go back, go deeper, and get the real story, the whole story, the complete read of our genetic codes. - mra.



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