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 SNS Subscriber Edition Volume 17, Issue 26 Week of July 14, 2014 




Software Quality


Screen Size



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Software Quality

vs. Screen Size

Small Is Good

Big Is Bad

Symantec Norton Antivirus

Adobe: Pretty Darn Frustrating

Apple iTunes

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Garmin GPS


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Takeout Window

The US Economy

The World's Largest Rocket

Algenol and Alibaba


Upgrades and Numbers

Nation-Sponsored IP Theft:
Start at the Top, Not the Bottom




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Cybersecurity and Cyberwar: What Everyone Needs to Know, by P.W. Singer and Allan Friedman (Oxford University Press, 2014)


This book on Cybersecurity, co-authored by SNS and INVNT/IP Network member Peter Singer, provides a straightforward Q&A approach to both cybercrime issues and those involving nation-states stealing crown jewel intellectual property. As Peter takes over the reins of the New America Foundation, SNS members will be even more interested in his ideas on solving these problems. mra.




Software Quality vs. Screen Size


We live in a time when the hot new thing is software running on data centers that emulate the human brain. Delivered on a small smartphone, the dream is that these programs will brook the Singularity (whatever that is), become both our lover and our assistant (from "Her" to Cortana), and work most of the time.


Well, two out of three isn't  bad.


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