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 SNS Subscriber Edition Volume 17, Issue 28 Week of July 28, 2014 




The SNS Big Shift

Part II




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The SNS Big Shift

Part II

The SNS Big Shift, Part I

The SNS Big Shift, Part II

Smartphones vs. Pads

India, Asia, and Purchasing Parity

Emerging vs. Developed Nations


Quotes of the Week


Takeout Window

The New BlackBerry Passport

SNS Big Shift:

Demographics vs. Income


Upgrades and Numbers

Carbon Goes Solar

Forbes Sells Out




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[Please open the attached .pdf for best viewing.] Reading:


The Human Shore: Seacoasts in History, by John R. Gillis (University of Chicago Press, 2012); recommended by SNS member Robert Jacobson.



For those who are interested in how coastal demographics is tied to economics, historic trends, and global warming, this book has it all. - mra.






The SNS Big Shift, Part II



The SNS Big Shift, Part I


In my original predictions regarding the SNS Big Shift ("SNS: The Big Shift," August 8, 2013), I described the effects of the commercial pressures flowing out of China's national business model (and, to a lesser degree, those of South Korea and Japan) on future sales of technology hardware.



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