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 SNS Subscriber Edition Volume 17, Issue 34 Week of September 8, 2014 





The Alibaba IPO: The Other Side




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The Alibaba IPO:
The Other Side


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Ebola: Out of Control




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Security Battleground: An Executive Manual; by Michael Fey, Brian Kenyon, Kevin Reardon, Bradon Rogers, and Charles Ross; foreword by Paul Otellini (Intel Press, 2012).


For all the CEOs who remain in denial that their IP has already been stolen and their companies hacked: first, it's past time to pull your head out of your ***. Second, please talk to your CSO, who will tell you that you should have done something years ago; then, read this book, as a primer for what you should do now. - mra.




The Alibaba IPO: The Other Side


[Pub. Note: This week's issue is written specifically for those considering investing in the Alibaba IPO. Please share it with friends and colleagues, with a cc to us.]



Sometime in the next week or two, the most important event since global plates drifted apart will take place - if media coverage is any indicator. I refer, of course, to Alibaba's over-hyped initial public offering (IPO).


For months now, during a time when most firms in a similar position would be in "quiet period," the company has been running what looks like an intercontinental public relations campaign to make sure it is in the headlines day-in, day-out.


No doubt, most of our members are asking: "Should I invest?"


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