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 SNS Subscriber Edition Volume 17, Issue 42 Week of November 10, 2014 






Digital Wellness and the Transformation of Healthcare


- A FiRe Conversation Transcript -


With Leroy Hood

President, Institute for Systems Biology

and Recipient, 2012 National Medal of Science


Hosted by Larry Smarr

Director, Calit2, UC San Diego / UC Irvine (HQ Qualcomm Institute), UCSD




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Digital Wellness and the Transformation of Healthcare:

A Conversation

with Leroy Hood

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Publisher's Note: As most SNS members, and all FiRe attendees, are aware, we have been working over the last five years or so to help Leroy Hood and Larry Smarr redefine the practice of modern medicine. Larry has brought the science of the Quantified Self into the mainstream, with his extraordinary dedication to recording the many parameters of his blood, stool, weight, exercise, and other measurements, over a 10-year period. During this time, Lee Hood has established the most exciting new medical program on the planet, taking similar but more detailed measurements from the "100 Pioneers" in a new program aimed at establishing baseline figures for health and preventive medicine. That figure has already swelled past 1,000 and is soon planned to go to 100k.


In this transcript of their conversation at this year's FiRe Conference, SNS members who could not attend will have a chance to fully grasp what a real revolution in modern medicine will look like. - mra.



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