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 SNS Subscriber Edition Volume 18, Issue 1 Week of January 5, 2015 





CES and the IoT




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CES and the IoT


Competitive Intelligence?

What's Not To Like?

What's To Like?


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Takeout Window

Cabin Design of the New

Mercedes F015 Concept Car,

at CES 2015

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Upgrades and Numbers

Proteins Carry Code, Too

End of the Lizard Squad?

By the Finest Squad

Slavish Copying 101:

China's SAD Path




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Recommended Reading:


Not Impossible: The Art and Joy of Doing What Couldn't Be Done, by Mick Ebeling (Atria Books, 2015).


This is a great book for those seeking proof that a can-do attitude really can prevail, and for all those in the maker community who love stories about making things that make a difference. - mra






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SNS Predictions : West

- An Inaugural Event -




Ten years after holding its first annual SNS Predictions event in New York, the Strategic News Service (SNS) is proud to announce the launch of its first-ever SNS Predictions : West event, to be held Thursday, February 5, 5pm-8pm, in the beautiful setting of San Francisco's Golden Gate Yacht Club. The evening will feature Mark Anderson discussing technology markets around the world in 2015, and his Top 10 technology predictions for this year.



Named "one of the 100 smartest people we know" by Fortune magazine, Anderson carries an unprecedented 94+% accuracy rate for his calls over the last 10 years, ranging from the advent of Siri and the iPad to the 2007 global financial collapse. He may be the only person to have predicted $50 oil back when it was selling at $92.



"People who have attended our New York predictions events at the Waldorf know that this is a fun evening and a great networking event, that we are willing to stick our necks out on a regular basis - and that we tend to get our calls right. We look forward to bringing this conversation about the future to the West Coast," said Anderson.

The evening includes two receptions (before and after the event), drinks, and hors d'oeuvres.

Only $95 - Seating is limited - Register now:


For Agenda details, visit:


As with the SNS New York evenings, a Centerpiece Conversation will open the discussion portion of the evening, with Anderson interviewing special guest Meg Bear, Group Vice President of the Oracle Cloud Social Platform, examining major trends in the merger of business, cloud, and social technologies.


In her capacity as Group VP, Meg "understands the value social brings to organizations. Social might have emerged from marketing, but its value today lies in enabling all areas of business through actionable data, personal engagements, and global brand awareness. Successful businesses understand that social should be woven throughout the fabric of the organization from marketing and service to research and product development to internal collaboration and communication. Join this fireside chat as Meg discusses five key social business trends for 2015 and beyond - all tied to social's importance in today's modern customer experience."


We hope you'll join us for this first-ever West Coast SNS Predictions event. You may see some familiar faces, and will surely meet new and future colleagues for the first time - including Mark and some of the core SNS crew - in an evening of lively conversation both onstage and off. You'll also come away with an invaluable tool: being that much smarter about practical issues that will affect us all, and create some unexpected opportunities, in the year to come.





"[The SNS Global Report] is essential for anyone seeking to serve senior executives in this industry."- John Hagel, Director and Co-Chairman, Deloitte Center for the Edge


"Mark is the one person in the world who seems to know about everything." - David Kirkpatrick, Founder and CEO, Techonomy; and author, The Facebook Effect


"SNS is the best thing I read." - Then-CEO Bill Gates, to Microsoft staff









CES and the IoT


This week, as 160,000 vendors, buyers, and spies roam the aisles of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), it seemed like the right time to write about the Internet of Things (IoT) again, using examples from CES to illustrate the creative, exciting ways in which things will talk to, and work with, other things, often with little or no human input.


Vendors have spent the last few years raising the war chant about the sheer size of this tsunami in intelligent products, with Ericsson (10B) and Cisco (50B and counting) vying for who can cadge together the largest numbers of new dumb / smart nodes on the Net. Everyone knows the numbers don't really matter, as long as there is a "B" in there somewhere. You can just about hear the cash registers clanging (or Apple Paying) in the background.




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