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SNS Subscriber Edition Volume 18, Issue 8 Week of February 23, 2014






What Will Go Wrong:

A Cyber Warning




In This Issue




What Will Go Wrong:

A Cyber Warning


What Makes "Zero Days" Interesting

You Call It Adware,

I Call It Illegal Entry

Lenovo and Superfish

Everything Is Crypto,

Everything Is Hacked

Hacking Hardware

The Equation Group:

Spying vs. Stealing

Enter Regin

From Mass Targets

to Massive Targets

Cyber Vaccines

The Secure PC


Quotes of the Week


Takeout Window

A Look at Regin

Phishing Trends


Upgrades and Numbers

The FCC Does IT




Inside SNS


Upcoming SNS Events


Where's Mark?


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Five Global Challenges


III: Global Liquidity Explosion


Think you understood the '08 financial crisis? Think again. In this third of a series, Mark Anderson explains the true underlying cause of the crash, how he predicted it, and what we can do about it as part of the Park City Institute / SNS / "Future in Review" Speaker Series. Watch now.



What Will Go Wrong: A Cyber Warning


During an early Future in Review (FiRe) conference, I asked my friend Joi Ito, now head of the MIT Media Lab, what he thought of a certain Japanese prime minister. Without a moment's hesitation, he answered: "BM, or AM?" When I didn't get it, he explained: Before the Motorcade, or After the Motorcade?


In the cyber world today, all of the answers that work seem to be "After the Motorcade."


Saying that corporations or governments are poor at preventing cyber attacks would be too kind. In general, they just can't do it.


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