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SNS Subscriber Edition Volume 18, Issue 12 Week of March 23, 2014






Asia Letter, Q2 2015:

The UK and Germany Go with China




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Asia Letter, Q2 2015

The UK and Germany

Go with China


Industry 4.0 + Made in China 2025

Many More Robots

Europe Joins China's

Infrastructure Bank

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   By Scott Foster, SNS Asia Editor [Tokyo]




Publisher's Note:  In this issue of the quarterly Asia Letter, Scott Foster has captured the new momentum shift happening as China moves to expand its influence and the UK and Germany jump on board. It's difficult to overestimate the importance of this new Chinese push, or to overstate the almost craven eagerness of nations already victimized by China's trade practices as they move to do China's bidding. If you care about shifting geopolitical and economic landscapes, this issue has what matters. 


Who cares if China has completely compromised the security of British national infrastructure? So what if China is using stolen IP from Japan and Germany to put its high-speed rail companies out of business? Hey, there's money to be made ---


Smart SNS members will forget the 7th-century struggles in the Middle East and focus on the real 21st-century battle at hand. - mra.


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