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SNS Subscriber Edition Volume 18, Issue 13 Week of April 6, 2014






The Destruction of the Smartphone Sector?




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The Destruction of the Smartphone Sector?


This Week's Takeaway Points

How Samsung Won

China Makes Its Move

The MOTO Story

A New Playing Field

Apple's Plan

Mountain or Barbell?



Quotes of the Week


Takeout Window

Charts on Smartphone

Market Shares


Upgrades and Numbers

The EU vs. Google and Facebook




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Recommended Reading:


Learning Reimagined, by Graham Brown-Martin (Bloomsbury Academic, 2015)


SNS Project Inkwell member Graham Brown-Martin used support from Qatar to travel to the world's leading educators and bring back interviews and insights so the rest of us can get past all the dogma and understand learning. It worked. - mra






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The Destruction of the Smartphone Sector?



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