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SNS Subscriber Edition Volume 18, Issue 14 Week of April 13, 2015






Special Letter:


The Maker Movement:

3D Printing Arms for Nothing,
and Other Not Impossible Achievements




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Special Letter:

The Maker Movement [+]


The Maker Movement

Commit, Then Figure It Out

Making Everything Not Impossible

} The Simple Humble Thought

The Robot Walker

The Make-Your-Own Braille Printer

Tapping the Power of One

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    By Mick Ebeling




Publisher's Note: Too often, we leaders in the technology world become obsessed with what might someday be done on the bleeding edge of our engineering abilities, rather than focusing on what can be done tonight with the technology at hand. Mick Ebeling has made a life out of doing the opposite: taking existing tech and enriching lives around the world, always at an amazingly lower cost.


It is hard to overestimate the effect of not just the Maker movement, but of Mick himself. While the rest of us make our living selling products, he has - to spotight just one example - enabled residents of a remote area of Sudan who have lost their limbs in civil war to make their own replacement limbs through localized 3D printing.


Mick's views, and his work, give us all hope, and open many doors of a new possible worldview of success, enabled by technology, and driven by the human spirit at its best. - mra.



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