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SNS Subscriber Edition Volume 18, Issue 17 Week of May 4, 2015






10 Global Economic Trends

Off the Mainstream Radar




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10 Global Economic Trends

Off the Mainstream Radar


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Recommended Reading:


Japan Unmasked, by Ichiro Kawasaki (Charles E. Tuttle Co., 1st edition 1969)


I found a copy of this 1969 paperback in a small bookstore in Hanapepe, Kauai. The author, a member of the Japanese Foreign Service at the time, provides a startlingly blunt assessment of Japan, its people, and their cultural and trade practices. All of this comes just before Japan was to rev up its InfoMercantilist national business model, providing a rather fascinating inside look at the forces driving IP theft, "bleeding bid" dumping prices and practices, and government / industry cooperation. I felt in many ways as though I were reading about the inside state of Japan just before WWII, only this time the coming conflict would be economic. - mra





10 Global Economic Trends Off the Mainstream Radar




Takeaway Points from this Week's Feature:


  • Dumping the energy tax.
  • International IP Flows.
  • China's SAD program and its global effects.
  • Japan's progress.
  • IP benefits of the two trade treaties (vs. labor concerns over other issues).
  • Productivity gains and corporate cash vs. human values.
  • Global liquidity and currency wars.
  • The floundering Commonwealth states.
  • The German plan.
  • The real costs of global warming - and who pays.




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