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SNS Subscriber Edition Volume 18, Issue 18 Week of May 11, 2015






"Security, Risk, and Software:
Protecting Crown Jewels from

State-Sponsored Theft"


- A Keynote Transcript from COFES - 

with Mark Anderson


Hosted by Brad Holtz

 President & CEO, Cyon Research Corp.




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Security, Risk, and Software


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"Island Carriers": The (Illegal) Islands
China Is Building
for Air and Navy Support

The Chinese Yuan: The World's Most Manipulated Currency


Upgrades and Numbers

The Alibaba IPO, Revisited

Cars and Maps

The IMF and the Yuan




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Scottsdale, AZ - May 18, 2015





Takeaway Points:


  • Economically caused problems can't be solved with better cyber techniques.

  • If this problem isn't fixed, everybody loses: all those in the audience, all of America, and all "inventing nations."

  • Biggest problem is CEO denial.

  • IP isn't just patents, trademarks, and copyrights; it's whatever your business puts behind closed doors to maintain a differentiable competitive advantage.

  • If you bring electronics to China, they will be stripped. It's just the business model; critical to understand that this will happen.

  • If the PLA wants to get into your company, they will. Nothing you can buy will solve that problem.

  • There are 402 US industry targets on China's list.

  • All the laws of physics emerge from the properties of otherwise-empty space.

  • The oil game is a game. It's not about the amount of oil in the ground, but about price control.

  • If every world leader could say: "I'm turning off CO2 from all smokestacks," it would change global agenda so we could move on from climate change and focus on other big problems. The Trifecta Proposal would make this possible.




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