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SNS Subscriber Edition Volume 18, Issue 20 Week of May 25, 2015






Pattern Recognition:

AI for the Next IA




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Pattern Recognition:
AI for the Next IA


The Human Side

Needs vs. Wants

Humans As Relationships

The Machine

The Human / Machine Relationship

Machine Love


Quotes of the Week


Takeout Window

Naikon Espionage Group



Viv: The Great Internet Assistant?

Cloud-Based IoT Security

3D Printing with Graphene:
We're Getting Closer ----


Upgrades and Numbers

Netflix Neutered?

Sherry Chen: "Not Charged" Is Different from "Not Guilty"

HP: Selling Out or Pushed Out?

Tech Bubble: Yes

Housing: It's Different This Time

China Crash? Yes (Kind Of)


Phabs: CarryAlongs Split by Age

The UK in the EU: Yes

The US and Chinese Equity Markets

Charter Bid for Time Warner:

An FCC Pass




Inside SNS


Upcoming SNS Events


Where's Mark?


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Recommended Reading:


The Looting Machine: Warlords, Tycoons, Smugglers and the Systematic Theft of Africa's Wealth, by Tom Burgis (William Collins, 2015)


If you find it hard to believe that one rather anonymous man could buy half of China's oil inputs from Angola, while $32B goes missing among the country's elites, this is the book for you. I am reminded of the US' behavior documented in John Perkins' book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (2005).






Takeaway Points from This Week's Feature:


  • Human needs vary; therefore, the perfect Internet Assistant will use AI that accounts for this variety.
  • A successful implementation will provide completely different services and personalities to different users, based on the user's own needs, beliefs, abilities, and performance.
  • It is the relationship that determines success rather than the human or the technology.
  • The success of the IA is predicated upon the success of the relationship.
  • If serving us individually is seen as today's ultimate achievement in IA function, serving our social needs and wants is the higher level of expectations, which, once achieved, will mean real success for IA creators.
  • Watson's suitability for work is: Corporate, large-scale big data problems: Yes; Personal IA relationships: No.
  • The only product likely to approach next-generation IA success in the next year seems to be Viv.
  • We're in the process now of building a relationship between humans and machines, rather than between one or more products. Once we understand this, the path to success should become more straightforward.
  • This will be the greatest test humans have faced in their history.
  • We are approaching a new experience as humans, beyond learning about the world around us: how will we feel toward the machine guides taking us there?
  • What is the Greek word for "deep and abiding appreciation, colored by extreme dependence on remarkably consistent performance and tinged with excitement, anticipation, regret, and fear?" 




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