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SNS Subscriber Edition Volume 18, Issue 21 Week of June 1, 2015






Special Letter:


Frictionless Commerce




In This Issue




Special Letter:

Frictionless Commerce


The Problem: Transactions Today Need to Be Frictionless

We Have Already Failed

Uber Rules: The E-Commerce

Relationship Has Changed

The Smart Response?

Your Voice Is Your Identity

Voice Biometrics:

Much More Than a Recording

The Transforming Value

of Voice Biometrics

What Does the Future Hold?

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   by Shawn Edmunds





Publisher's Note: We know what the problem underlying e-commerce is, in broad terms: technical security is increasingly difficult, and users are increasingly needful of simpler solutions. As we all know, this provides a goldmine for thieves and fraudsters.


In this discussion, SNS members will learn how our voices can become the centerpiece for e-commerce security. Is this achievable? Indeed, it is more likely inevitable. - mra.


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