SNS in the News - July 10, 2002


International Technology Analyst Mark Anderson Participates in Fortune Magazine's 'Brainstorm 2002'

SEATTLE - July 10, 2002 - For the second year in a row, Mark Anderson has been selected as a participant in FORTUNE Magazine's invitation-only BRAINSTORM conference, first called 'The 100 Smartest People We Know.' Anderson is the president of Strategic News Service LLC and the Technology Alliance Partners (

FORTUNE is gathering an eclectic group of thought leaders to exchange ideas on a wide range of topics on July 29-31 in Aspen, Colorado. The program includes panels, short vignettes, and interviews by FORTUNE editors. The first BRAINSTORM was held in Aspen in August, 2001 and resulted in articles and online comments by attendees Madeleine Albright, Marc Andreessen, Bill Clinton, John Doerr, Michael Eisner, Juan Hernandez, Bill Joy, Shelly Lazarus, Gerald Levin, Dawn Meyerriecks, and N. Scott Momaday. Participation is by invitation only.

The audience will again be composed of leaders from a variety of fields, including top corporate executives, economists, technologists, entertainers, scientists, government officials, and others.

Last year, Anderson raised the concern of scientists inadvertently, and permanently, altering the natural "wild" human genome. Writer Momaday's comment at the time: "Your concern is the only thing I have heard here that really scares the Hell out of me."

About Mark Anderson Mark Anderson is president of the Technology Alliance Partners and Strategic News Service├┤ LLC ( Technology Alliance Partners was founded in 1989, and provides trends and marketing alliance assistance to firms leading the convergence of telecom and computing. Founded in 1995, the Strategic News Service newsletter is the most accurate predictive weekly report covering the computer and telecom industries. Anderson is a Seybold Fellow and is the founder of two software companies and of the Washington Software Alliance Investors' Forum, Washington's premier software investment conference. A past director of the WSA, Anderson chairs the WSA Presidents' Group. Anderson is also founder of the Orca Relief Citizens Alliance. He serves on the board of the not-for-profit Hybrid Vigor Institute, and is a principal in the investment advisory firm Resonance Capital Management LLC.