SNS in the News - September 12, 2002

Immediate Release

FCC May Return Wireless Carriers' Auction Debt

As Technology Analyst Mark Anderson first suggested in July 2001

SEATTLE - Sept. 12, 2002 - In July 2001, international analyst Mark Anderson, first suggested that governments should return the money paid in wireless spectrum auctions. Now, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission is about to announce a move to free wireless carriers from $15.9 billion in debt from the January 2001 auction of spectrum licenses.

The FCC could either allow carriers to opt out of the auction, freed from their bid obligations, or the Commission could call for public comment on recommendations for resolving the issue. The overhanging obligations have proved burdensome to wireless carriers, including Verizon Wireless, whose debt is under review for possible downgrade by Moody's.

This is just one of the ideas suggested in July 2001 by Mark Anderson, publisher of Strategic News Service. In his 'Modest Proposal' issue July 25, 2001, Anderson suggested:
  1. Governments offer guaranteed, low-cost, long-term loans to all winning bidders in all pure auctions for 3G, worldwide. Anderson suggested Europeans lead the offer, because they are smarter than the U.S. in understanding the power and value of getting ahead in wireless communications.
  2. Governments should both allow and encourage all winning bidders to share facilities, from antennae to towers, further reducing the additional $200B plus that operators are now facing in rolling out the equipment for 3G.
  3. Fast-track the project. National leaders should take a united stand in favor of these two steps and make public announcements as soon as possible.
Anderson presented this proposal to the United States Democratic Senate Technology Roundtable in October 2001. (The meeting had been postponed from 9-11)

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