Geordie Rose

Founder and CTO, D-Wave Systems Inc.

Geordie Rose is the founder and chief technology officer of D-Wave Systems, the world leader in the development of commercial scale quantum computing systems. He is known as a leading advocate for quantum computing and physics-based processor design, and has been invited to speak on these topics in venues ranging from the 2003 TED conference to Supercomputing 2007.

Geordie's innovative and ambitious approach to building quantum computing technology has received coverage in The Economist, Scientific American, Science, Nature, and MIT Technology Review, and one of his business strategies was profiled in a Harvard Business School case study. He has received several awards and accolades for his work with D-Wave, including being short-listed for a 2005 World Technology Award. He is also a prolific inventor, and currently has more granted quantum computing patents than anyone else in the world.

Geordie holds a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from the University of British Columbia, specializing in quantum effects in materials. While at McMaster University, he graduated first in his class with a B.Eng. in Engineering Physics, specializing in semiconductor engineering.

Since the inception of D-Wave in 1999, Geordie has raised over $60M on behalf of the company, including a round led by Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ) - the first-ever investment by a top-tier U.S. venture capital firm in quantum computing.

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