Barrett Lyon

Founding Partner and CEO, 3Crowd Technologies Inc.

Barrett Lyon, founding partner and CEO at 3Crowd Technologies Inc., is a serial entrepreneur and "Internet Influencer" whose vision for taking Internet delivery and security services to the next level has fueled the launch of three companies - each recognized for excellence in technical innovation and execution.

At Prolexic (named with a nod to his struggle to overcome dyslexia as a child), Barrett created the first successful managed service to defend enterprises from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. His work tracking Russian mob DDoS attack extortion rings while at Prolexic is the basis for Joseph Menn's recently published cyber-thriller Fatal System Error.

As CTO and co-founder of BitGravity, Barrett was responsible for strategy and direction of technology. Under Barrett's direction, BitGravity built an award-winning interactive broadcast delivery service from the ground up. By delivering affordable and secure HD-quality video-on-demand, live broadcasts, and interactive applications for massive audiences on the Internet, the company challenged conventional methods for delivering content, leading to innovations in architecture, routing, hardware, and file systems.

Barrett's current company, 3Crowd Technologies Inc., is a San Mateo, California-based software services company developing products and services to improve the economics of delivering large amounts of data across the Internet. Its first product, CrowdDirector, enables content providers to configure and manage a multi-CDN environment with a system that acts as a virtual load balancer and traffic director - allowing the provider to manage its content delivery for optimal performance and minimal cost.

Barrett is the creator of the Opte Project - a network mapping project that generates visual representations of the Internet. The stunning images produced by the project are featured at the Boston Museum of Science and New York City's Museum of Modern Art.

Barrett is a frequent industry speaker and has presented in keynotes and on panels including RSA, DEMO, Interactive TV Today, Gartner Group Symposium, SANS, and IT Harvest.

Barrett's most recent accomplishment has been completion of work on the break room at 3Crowd's offices with the successful installation of a kitchen sink.

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